Get your products in front of every retailer before they even enter the trade show!

Give your latest and greatest innovations the attention they deserve with the New Product Showcase at Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018. The NPS spotlights your products in the most exposed area of the show, the Show Floor Entrance Lobby area. The New Product Showcases will be the first thing retailers see when they enter the convention centre.

New Product Showcase highlights all the latest and most innovative trends in grocery in one convenient location, making it an absolute must see area for any grocery professional. Register now to give your brand full exposure and added traffic to your booth!

It is the ONLY way to give your products a chance to be crowned as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Products at Grocery & Specialty Food West!

  • 100% exposure to thousands of qualified buyers
  • Increased traffic to your booth
  • Second location for your products
  • Enhanced media coverage
  • Increased brand awareness with a second location promoting your products
  • The exclusive chance to be named as a Top 10 Most Innovative Product

  • Your choice of size (single space, shelf, whole unit, customizable free standing unit)
  • Identification tent-card
  • Exclusive opportunity to be part of the Top 10 Most Innovative Contest

New Product Showcase Options

Single Space

  • 1/3 of a shelf (1’ x 1’)



Winners of Top 10 Most Innovative Products in 2017:

(listed in no particular order)

Oasis Hydrafruit & Oasis Infusion

(A Lassonde Inc.)
First low-calorie fruit beverage made from spring water with no added sweeteners.

Flavoured Caramel

(Bad Duck Caramel)
Simplicity is best. Made with three ingredients: butter, sugar and milk.

Assorted Nut Oils

(Bosa Foods)
From pistachio to hazelnut and walnut, there’s an oil for every recipe.

Egg Creations

(Burnbrae Farms)
Simply shake, pour and heat. Six flavours to choose from for every meal.

Freeze-Dried Pet Products

(Canature Processing)
Light-weight. Maximized nutrition for your pet with no artificial additives.

Assorted Artisan Cheese Dips

(Chef Pieter Inc.)
Made locally using the finest and freshest ingredients, organic when possible.

Sahara Delights

(Rivale International)
Freshly steamed dates made into an assortment of products like date spreads and date vinegar.

Gourmet Jams & Unique Spicy Jellies

(Saunders Family Farm)
Tastes like how grandma used to make jellies and jams.

Ethical Bean Compostable Pods

(Ethical Bean Coffee; Distributed by Tree of Life)
Zero waste, 100% compostable.

Shelf Buddy

A portable, magnetic game-changing stand for grocery store shelves.

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